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Our Nursing Services

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Here at M.S.I Services we offer a number of services to support our clients. M.S.I. is a healthcare company providing the highest quality health care support to a variety of hospitals and long term care facilities in Canada and the USA. We have a highly qualified and professional team hailing from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds thereby allowing M.S.I to provide consistent, sensitive and nurturing care to all patients in our culturally diverse country.

M.S.I. Services Inc. through our IT division M.S.I IT Services has been providing IT services including CCTV Security Cameras, Network services, EV Chargers for the last 15 years. We also provide HR recruitment Services and Health Consulting for LTC & clinical practice clients. M.S.I. offers these services to take the pressure off client offices and healthcare facilities by implementing up-to date technology to streamline your nursing services. In todayís Home and business environment, with efficiently engaging within the IT services and our medical specialistís services for your facility or home can be very demanding.


MSI provides recruitment; staffing services for permanent and temp-to-perm hires, employment opportunities. We provide these services for every hierarchal level within a healthcare setting. Whether it is Nurse or Senior Management, Middle Management, Floor Level Supervision office secretaries, we have the experience, and corporate networking contacts to put us in touch with the best possible candidate available. With direction and proper qualified information from the client &, M.S.I will use this experience and service ability to fill any position required of us at any time.


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